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Welcome to Blackheart


Blackheart Studio is a DIY studio, originally co-founded in 2019 by photographer Chris Swainston and producer Nicole Prokes in Los Angeles, CA.

The name “Blackheart” came as a memento to 2 close friends, Tim ‘Black’ and Jana ‘Heart’, who had to move out of LA in pursuit of their own business and career opportunities. 


Now owned and operated by Chris Swainston and Khaliah Pianta, Blackheart Studio strives to create an optimal environment and personal experience for everyone across the industry scale. With the belief that everyone should feel comfortable and supported in the projects that drive them, no matter the scale or size. 


Blackheart expands beyond just a photo studio. With open natural light and modern architectural design, we are a blank canvas for your creativity. Customizable to support any vision from art shows, pop-up shops, special events, or just a simple fitting and business meeting. We’re here to help execute your project.  



Rolling Cyc

Our custom built 10x10ft rolling cyc wall provides ultimate creative control over positioning in the studio to maximize the use of natural day light or creatively place it as a prop or corner wall.  

The Studio

Blackheart is a blank canvas for your creative vision, be it a photo or video shoot, art show, pop-up shop, special event, or a simple fitting.  


Blackheart is a full-service studio, equipped with a complete hair and makeup station and changing room, client bathroom, full kitchen, lounge area,  in-house photo, and digital equipment, and a surround sound entertainment system.

Stay In Touch.


Blackheart Studio

2211 N. Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90031


Tel: (323)201-7700

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