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About us

A DIY studio originally Co-Founded in 2019 by producer Nicole Prokes photographer Chris Swainston. The name “Blackheart” came as a memento combining the last names of two close friends, Tim ‘Black’ and Jana ‘Heart’ whom previously lived and worked out of this studio they were a big connector of friends and creativity that pushed everyone to grow and follow their passions but eventually had moved out of LA in pursuit of their own business and career passions. 

Now owned and operated by Chris Swainston and Khaliah Pianta, Blackheart Studio strives to create an optimal environment and personal experience for everyone across the industry scale because they believe everyone should feel comfortable and supported in their projects the drive them, no matter scope or scale. 

The studio expands beyond just a photo studio. With open natural light and modern architectural design, serving as a blank canvas for your creativity. Customizable to support any vision from art gallery pop ups, or just a simple fitting. Blackheart is here to help execute your project.  

Our Team.

IMG_7919 2.JPG
Chris Swainston
Owner | Photographer | Digital Tech

Photo Sep 24, 3 06 41 PM.jpg
Khaliah Pianta
Co-Owner | Photographer | Lighting Tech

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